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The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Updated For 2019 Assault Rifles. Groza is actually the most powerful in this list: Even AUG A3 has the same stats, Groza can fire much... Sniper Rifles. AWM is still the king in this category, as can be clearly seen. However, because it is an. 1 Weapons. 1.1 Assault Rifles (AR) 1.2 Bolt/Lever Action Sniper Rifles; 1.3 Automatic Sniper Rifles/ Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) 1.4 SubMachine Guns (SMGs) 1.5 Shotguns (SG) 1.6 Light Machine Guns (LMGs) 1.7 Pistols; 1.8 Melee Weapons; 1.9 Others; 2 Payload Weapons. 2.1 Miniguns; 2.2 Launchers; 2.3 Pistols; 3 Arena Weapons. 3.1 SMGs; 4 Related link Mk12 and P90 are the two latest guns in the PUBG Mobile armory. They are also exclusive guns on the map Livik. The new Thompson gun can attach a red dot or holographic. The PUBG Mobile armory location can be checked in the weapon inventory from the game lobby Welcome to the PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide, where you can check the stats of the 35 weapons in the game: damage, dps, ammo type. Contents [ hide] 1 PUBG Mobile Weapons - Melee. 2 PUBG Mobile Weapons - Pistols. 3 PUBG Mobile Weapons - Shotguns. 4 PUBG Mobile Weapons - LMG. 5 PUBG Mobile Weapons - SMG. 6 PUBG Mobile Weapons - DMR Find info about all weapons currently available in PUBG Mobile in this Weapon List. Info included on Mag.Size, Reload and more. Use this as a reference when gathering your gear

PUBG Mobile version 1.3.0 is now available through the beta channel. The update brings a new Karakin map, a new vehicle, and new weapons. The update is also likely to bring a new season for PUBG Mobile players. PUBG Mobile is getting a horde of new features including a new map in the latest version 1.3.0 1 Ammunition. 2 Assault Rifles. 3 Designated Marksman Rifles. 4 Rifles. 5 Submachine Guns. 6 Sniper Rifles. 7 Light Machine Guns. 8 Shotguns. 9 Bows

Brand New Weapon: Tikhar Rifle. Tikhar Rifle is one of the most classic weapons in Metro Exodus, and it will be added into PUBG MOBILE's all-new gameplay! Tikhar Rifle Ammo: Steel ball Type: Automatic Sniper Rifles Note: Tikhar Rifle deals greater damage by utilizing a higher air pressure, gaining full power when the air pressure is filled up. However, its air pressure will reduce gradually with time, while firing will speed up the pressure reduction. Always replenish the air pressure to. PUBG Mobile Complete Weapon Stats. This PUBG Mobile weapon stats chart included damage chart, range, recoil, and fire rate of all the weapons that have listed in the game. MUST-READ: The weapon stats data is NOT OFFICIAL since PUBG Mobile only has their gun statistic in power bar. These values are estimated by doing an experiment in the private. There are so many weapons and attachments in PUBG Mobile that it can be quite overwhelming for the new player to figure out what's the best. :paragraph --> <p>Not only that, but the term is highly. PUBG MOBILE - Payload 2.0 New Weapons - YouTube. Unlock an upgraded arsenal in Payload 2.0! Deep dive into all the new weapons above! https://pubgmobile.live/PayloadMode#PUBGM #PUBGMOBILE #.

The Most Comprehensive PUBG Mobile Weapons Guide: Updated

PUBG Mobile, in its latest update, which is 0.19.0, released the XT weapons. We tell you what they are and what improvements they present PUBG Mobile beta 1.3 Latest Update gets Karakin Map, new Weapons, and that's just the beginning. PUBG Mobile beta has been refreshed with Karakin map, which is a 2x2 guide, alongside a few new weapons, and that's only the tip of the iceberg PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: New weapons, outfits, enemies detailed. The PUBG 'Survive Till Dawn' zombie mode gets five new zombie-slaying weapons, as well as three new enemies and three outfits for players.. Tencent Games and Bluehole's collaboration with Capcom's Resident Evil 2 has brought forth an exciting mode of gameplay in the.

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PUBG Mobile understands that all players do not have the same skills or the same comfort with a weapon, so they present several types of weapons even though they have the same function. Call it the DMR weapon or Designated Marksman Rifle which has many types even though it only uses 2 types of bullets, namely 5.56mm and 7.62mm PUBG Mobile is dropping the new update which will bring the new livik map with it. In a community update on PUBG Mobile Reddit, we get all the details about what's going to come with the all-new 0.19.0 update. The size of the update is going to be 1.84GB on Android devices and 2.13GB on iOS devices. Players will start getting the update from. NEW WEAPON In PUBG MOBILE - YouTube. NEW WEAPON In PUBG MOBILE. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device NEW WEAPON - MK47 MUTANT GAMEPLAY - 22 KILLS Solo vs Squad - PUBG Mobile #dailymotion #pubgmobile #pubg New Maps and Weapons coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds expect two new maps and one new weapon. PUBG developer Bluehole is working on two new maps and at least one weapon per their twitter. There is also rumors of a dirt bike type vehicle coming for the [

Down below is a list of all the weapons on PUBG Mobile, alongside their damage stats and fire time. Keep in mind that these are not accurate values, but closest to them. Pistols: Pubg Pistol Names. Usually, the first weapon that a player comes across after landing is a pistol. One should have a fair idea about the pistol stats because these side-arms deserve some credit for kick-starting the. PUBG Mobile's new patch 1.3 is now live with some interesting new additions. The new PUBG Mobile update has dropped to freshen things up! The 3rd Anniversary - Hundred Rhythms 1.3.0 Update is NOW LIVE! Use mesmerizing music abilities in Hundred Rhythms Mode to take your defenses and attacks to a whole new level ⭐ #. Top 10 Guns In PUBG Mobile. There is a new gun - FAMAS in the latest update 1.2. Besides, the game developers made some improvements in two popular bolt-action snipers, including Kar90k and M24. Here are the top 10 best guns in this game after the latest update. Choose The Best PUBG Mobile Weapons #1. Mk14. This is the best weapon in this. PUBG Mobile Season 11 will no doubt follow a similar format to its predecessor, bringing in new weapons and new gun skins.. The online multiplayer battle royale game has enjoyed over two years of success as one of the best mobile games out there as it continues to employ new features on a regular basis

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Weapons in PUBG Mobile have different characteristics. Some you can use to shoot from afar, and some have high damage at close range. Do not forget the fire rate, recoil, and even magazines on different weapons. By trying out existing weapons, you can find out which weapon suits you. However, maybe this will confuse you, considering that there are so many weapons in PUBG Mobile In PUBG Mobile, the AKM is a close combat weapon. The weapon works great up to 50 meters but when your target is above 50 meters then there are some better alternative weapons like the M416 and DP-28. This is why you need to have a secondary weapon that can handle mid-range targets from 50 meters to 200 meters The Livik map introduces two new exclusive weapons to PUBG Mobile- the P90 SMG and the MK12 Marksman Rifle. You will also find special experimental weapons across the Nordic-themed map which will do more damage than the standard weapons they are based on. While not technically a weapon, the Livik map also introduced a brand-new Monster Truck vehicle, exclusive to the map. READ MORE. PUBG Mobile Latest Update May 2021: PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Version update, APK download link, brings new arena map, over-the-shoulder combat option, a new Coupe RB vehicle, random entry of Godzilla. PUBG weapons damage stats become increasingly important as you begin to think more competitively about how you play the game. This is the guide that show's every existing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS New Weapon Skins. Enjoy. Different weapon stats are important at different times; DPS isn't very important for sniper rifles, but it's one of the most important stats for SMGs

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  1. I can't say about the gun skin right now but about some permanent outfit plus some popularity, i can guarantee about that. Follow these steps to claim free outfit and popularity. First of all you need games friends to claim these because you have.
  2. PUBG Mobile DMR Weapons Used as AR Weapons? Check out the 5 reasons! ASEPIT 1. Greater Damage. The DMR weapon or Designated Marksman Rifle is a weapon created for long-range combat, so it is certain that this weapon has much greater damage than AR weapons. This greater damage than AR weapons is often used by players to close combat. When close.
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  4. Best PUBG Mobile weapon skins Blood and Bones M16A4. Leveling up the M16A4 will increase the bone-and-blood coverage of the weapon, with the design... The Fool M416. The M416 is the weapon with most of the best skins in the game, and The Fool skin is no exception. Terror Fang Kar98K. Another.
  5. PUBG MOBILE 1.3 update released india- The fan club of royal Playerunknown's Battleground would know that the latest PUBG Mobile 1.3 update was released a few weeks ago, adding some exciting features like multiple game modes, in-game improvements to the game
  6. The right type of weapon in the given situation may save your character's life and ultimately win you the chicken dinner. If you want to know which seven weapons in no particular order are the best in PUBG Mobile, then follow this quick guide for all the info you need
  7. PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter available on Android and iOS in which the last player standing wins. Starting the game with nothing, you must get weapons and supplies to fight for the first place and become the last survivor

The Best Weapons to Take in PUBG Mobile. Admit it, when you're in a field of 99 crazed shooters going free-for-all battle royale, you will need a stockpile of all-around weapons to survive and salvage chicken dinner. When the only rule is to be the last man (or team) standing, hiding and running around will not cut it. Assault and shotgun rifles plus SMGs should be your go-to options. Since. Update PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Bring New Maps, Weapons, and Vehicles Oleh Yama MZ 08 Apr, 2021 Tencent released the 0.15.5 beta update for PUBG Mobile . GridGames.id - Tencent Games has released PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 beta patch. The beta version is a sign that the latest update will be released in the coming weeks. Update 0.15.5 will bring a variety of new items to PUBG Mobile. Also read: Here are. PUBG Mobile will also a new weapon called M1014. According to the leak, this new gun is a Semi-Automatic Shotgun that originated from Italy. It works pretty like the legendary shotgun DBS. With a double muzzle, this weapon lets you shoot double shots at once. Like other shotgun, M1014 will also use 12 Gauge Ammo that is pretty easy to find on the map. M1014 is a Semi-Automatic Shotgun that. This time we will discuss the New PP-19 Bizon PUBG Mobile Weapon that you can use during the game. SMG is used for close combat because it has a high fire rate, AR weapons are used for medium-range combat just like LMGs. There are also DMR and Sniper which are used for long-range combat. If you are a player who prefers to fight at close range, then SMG weapons are suitable weapons for you to.

Season 19 of PUBG Mobile is almost here, bringing many new changes to the game. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming patch. Unlike the recently released Update 1.4, PUBG Mobile's. PUBG weapon damage stats and charts, including the new MP5K The best PUBG weapons - and why Before diving into the tables, there are a few things to bear in mind Whether your weapon of choice is a melee weapon, a pistol, an assault rifle, or submachine gun, there are plenty of weapons and attachments to be had. Below you'll find a guide to every single death-dealer available in the game as of September 2019 update 4.2 (Season 4). PUBG Assault Rifles AKM. Hit Damage: 48; Initial Bullet Speed: 71

PUBG Mobile beta gets Karakin map, new weapons, and more. Whether PUBG Mobile will make a comeback in India anytime soon is unclear as of now. But that isn't stopping the company from adding new. It is very important to know and understand all the maps and their areas correctly, since this way we can plan the best routes to move around, look for the sites that have the best resources, and know the next position of the storm circle since anticipation is essential. in this video game. Once we [

PUBG MOBILE 1.3, 12 March update: Step-by-step Guide Download APK link PUBG Weapons, features, vehicles, New Mode, New map all you need to know . Krafton Inc. has after massive PUBG 1.2 success, has now given PUBG players another reason to be excited. The much-awaited PUBG Mobile 1.3 is now rolling out for players globally with new maps, weapons, vehicles and many other cool features PUBG Mobile will soon get updated with Payload 2.0 that will bring a bunch of new additions including armed vehicles, new weapons and more PUBG MOBILE The original Battle Royale, the first and the best!---HOME; ROYALE PASS. ROYALE PASS SEASON 18; ROYALE PASS SEASON 17 ; ROYALE PASS SEASON 16; ROYALE PASS SEASON 15; ROYALE PASS SEASON 14; ALL; NEWS; GALLERY; ESPORTS; EVENTS. Karakin is Online; Graffiti Prank; PUBG MOBILE 3rd Anniversary; Hundred Rhythms; Dream Team; ALL; Workshop. Blood Raven X-Suit; Golden Pharaoh X-Suit. Create New Account. See more of Free weapon Set PUBG Mobile on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Free weapon Set PUBG Mobile. Shopping & Retail . Community See All. 13 people like this. 13 people follow this. About See All. Akunguest198@gmail.com, 210222. Contact Free weapon Set PUBG Mobile on Messenger . Shopping & Retail. Page Transparency See More. Facebook. PUBG Mobile 1.3 patch notes: The highlights. If you don't want too much information about the PUBG Mobile 1.3 update, and just want to know the content highlights coming your way, we've got you covered. (Picture: PUBG Corporation) The TLDR version of the PUBG Mobile 1.3 patch notes are: New maps: Karakin & Code-C; First aerial vehicle: Motor Glide

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  1. PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release date, Royale Pass, skins, theme, cosmetics, new guns, P90, Bluehole Mode, Jungle Adventure, Best Weapons, New currency, Patch Notes, Mad Miramar, Update 0.18.0.
  2. PUBG MOBILE 1.3 update to release today: PUBG Mobile 1.3 has got fans all excited. The new update will bring in a lot of cool features like new game mode, maps, and weapons amongst many things for PUBG enthusiasts. Game developers of PUBG have released the full patch notes for the much-awaited update
  3. PUBG Mobile 1.3 update released to players worldwide comes with a bunch of new upgrades. The latest PUBG Mobile update brings new game modes, weapons, vehicles, and skins. As part of the third.


News18 » News » Tech » PUBG Mobile: Best Weapons to Choose and Full List of Weapon Stats. 1-MIN READ. PUBG Mobile: Best Weapons to Choose and Full List of Weapon Stats. How well do you know your weapons on PUBG Mobile? Last Updated: January 28, 2020, 17:25 IST; FOLLOW US ON: Facebook Twitter. Instagram Telegram Google News. PUBG Mobile continues to be one of the most popular online mobile. New Weapons & Vehicles. There's going to be a new firearm and a new vehicle in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update. The Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle might be a familiar one for those of you that played World. NEW GAME MODE, NEW MAP, NEW WEAPON!! Gamplay | PUBG Mobile: About PUBG Mobile The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS designed exclusively for mobile. Play free anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie.

Stay tuned with us via Telegram. New Features, Weapons, and more: The latest PUBG Mobile Power Armor version comes with a new Gameplay allowing users to choose their Rune energy type on Spawn Island for gaining unique abilities during the match. The same update added a new live Matrix Event with details of the following two features Any good battle royale game needs to have a fleshed out weapon system. PUBG Mobile is no exception to this rule. The game has been adding new weapons over time. It was when the Livik map released that the game received the P90 SMG and now FAMAS has been added. The game has a weapon system that divides different weapons into real world. PUBG Mobile will get a new update soon which will usher in Payload 2.0. This information is contained in a new teaser shared on PUBG's official Twitter page. The teaser doesn't reveal the date.

PUBG Mobile v1.3 Beta brings new maps, modes, weapons and more; 2021 eSports plans also out. India Today Gaming; UPDATED: February 05, 2021 14:39 IST; Some of the highlights of the beta update include two new maps in the game including the classic mode map Karakin. Let's check everything we know around PUBG Mobile v1.3 Beta, and 2021 eSports. PUBG Mobile Season 19 is scheduled to launch on May 17th at 10 pm EST/3 am BST. How To Download The Update. PUBG Mobile's Season 19 will be downloaded from the loading screen of the game, rather.

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Payload Mode in PUBG MOBILE offers some new weapons with varying levels of damage. If you are getting started with the new mode, here's what you need to know about it. advertisement. Amritanshu Mukherjee New Delhi October 25, 2019 UPDATED: October 29, 2019 09:33 IST. HIGHLIGHTS. The Payload mode also brings a couple of new arms and ammunitions to the game. Players can choose from rocket. PUBG Mobile Season 19 is right around the corner, bringing many new changes to the game and of course a brand new Royale Pass. Advertisement The 1.4 patch notes have been released ahead of the new. PUBG Mobile Season 14 leaks - Dinosaur theme, Royale Pass Rewards, New skins, weapons Vaibhav Chawla. May 16, 2020. Gaming, News. 17. PUBG Mobile Season 13 is now out for players & the new season for the game is based on the Toy theme. Also, there is a huge overhaul for the Miramar map in this update & it now features sandstorms. Season 13 also features new skins, Royale Pass & rewards for. PUBG Mobile: Highly improved graphics, futuristic backdrop and sci-fi weapons—This new PUBG game offers all Despite PUBG mobile ban, Indian PUBG fans continue to wait for its relaunch. They have been keeping close eyes on every development related to this Battle Royale game. View in App; As far as PUBG New State backdrop is concerned, the game is set in 2051. This game will allow players to.

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  1. PUBG Mobile: MP5K SMG Weapon is now available in Vikendi Map. PUBG Mobile Season 10 has already arrived in the game. Now, players are so excited to increase their RP to max level by completing tasks and earn special rewards. Season 10 is going to be very special as this update will roll out a bunch of new weapons, outfits, skins etc. in the game
  2. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player battles, and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. Be the one
  3. PUBG Mobile update download: New weapon features revealed on PUBG Mobile 1.3 version, check APK link and more As we all that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile game developers recently released the PUBG Mobile 1.3 global update after the successful performance if its 1.2 update
  4. PUBG Mobile has rolled out latest version 1.3.0 which sports a new Karakin map, a new vehicle and some new weapons. As of now, this version can be accessed only by beta users. The stable version will be available to all the users only after the ending of the current season 17. Well, if you are in India, this news might be a little relevant to you, since PUBG has been banned by the Indian.
  5. New Bluehole Mode. A new Arcade mode Bluehole has been added to the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update. Erangel will now have two zones, an outer and an inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition.

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 latest update got new Karakin Map, which is a 2x2 map, along with several new weapons, Game Mode, APK download link and hints and more PUBG MOBILE zombie special: New weapons, exclusive items and all zombie types you need to know. The zombie mode brings a host of special weapons and costumes to make it special for zombie hunters. And these are important stuff that can help you achieve the Chicken Dinner. advertisement. Amritanshu Mukherjee New Delhi February 21, 2019 UPDATED: February 22, 2019 09:46 IST. HIGHLIGHTS. The. PUBG Mobile has a wide array of guns which are classified into various categories. Every weapon is unique and has different stats. Players usually prefer to use weapons that have higher damage. PUBG Mobile new update to add Zombies mode, MK47 mutant weapon, auto rickshaw, and many other features. After launching the new snow map Vikendi on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile recently, the developer is planning to come up with another update this month. According to new leaks, the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update is slated to bring a new Zombie mode, a new weapon called. PUBG Mobile has made a lot of waves in the Android market, and you are about to get even more fun on top of that. The developers of this game have confirmed that there is a new update coming. We do not have to wait too long too, seeing as the promised July 7 date is almost upon us. Fortunately, this is not just a security update but will bring.

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The SLR is a relatively new PUBG weapon and is a DMR which uses the 7.62mm rounds, the same as the SKS. This gun, like most DMR's, is something getting used to with high recoil and long distance shots. But if you can master the SLR, it is definitely a great weapon to use in PUBG. It has 4 attachment points and have the highest damage rating of all the spawnable DMR weapons in PUBG. Now there. PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0 Brings Erangel 2.0, Livik Improvements, New Weapon And Cheer Park PUBG Mobile has received a redesigned Erangel 2.0 map with the new beta update 1.0. Continue reading to learn about the map and all the other features. Written By . Danish Ansari . Tencent Games has officially released a new PUBG Mobile beta update 1.0 that will allow fans to test out a bunch of new features. Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile. Though the Weapon Master title is quite old, many newer players do not know how to achieve it. In order to get here, players have to fulfill specific.

PUBG Mobile Lite new weapons. Talking about the new weapons, PUBG Mobile Lite now offers you three more powerful weapons and attachments to deal additional damage. These include MK47 Rifle, which. Weapon Mastery is a brand new progression feature in PUBG with unique, free rewards. Our goals for Weapon Mastery are simple, give players an avenue for improving their weapon skills and celebrate the journey along the way. After Weapon Mastery goes live, you'll notice every weapon now has a series of levels that players can progress through by dealing damage and defeating opponents. It's. PUBG Mobile developers have added some new weaponry, specially designed to deal with the new threat. News18.com; Last Updated: February 26, 2019, 13:25 IST FOLLOW US ON

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PUBG Mobile players now get a new smaller map in the latest update of the game. The small 2Kmx2Km map is called Livik and brings to the game new short-range guns and a monster truck vehicle PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.5 Details Leaked: New Weapons, Vehicles, and More. To say that PUBG Mobile is a popular game is an understatement; the battle royale sensation that pretty much singlehandedly made gaming phones a thing seems to show no signs of slowing down thanks to regular updates and new weapons and features that the developers keep. PUBG Mobile update 0.5.0 is slowly going live across mobile platforms, marking the true beginning of the game's second season of content. The official patch notes are below courtesy of a post on. FP Trending Jan 21, 2021 14:27:59 IST. After the Royale Pass of Season 16 ended on 17 January, the PUBG Mobile global version has received the Season 17 Royal Pass on 19 January. The 1.2 updates rolled out by PUBG brings several new features to the game like Runic Powers, Power Armors, a themed event with the Runic powers and new weapons. In an Instagram post, the official handle of PUBG said.

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PUBG Mobile keeps stealing weapon skins from CSGO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans are not happy with a new weapon skin in PUBG Mobile. Developers recently introduced an M16A4 skin called Psycho Savage, which is almost an exact copy of CSGO's AK47 skin, Neon Revolution. The only notable differences are the white stripes PUBG added on top. PUBG Mobile Season 9 New Weapons & Vehicles. PUBG Mobile Season 9 is expected to add new weapons and vehicles to the game. As per the leaked and data mined information, an SMG and a new SUV are coming to the game. MP5K SMG . One more weapon is going to make its entry from the PC version of the game to mobile. MP5K is a submachine gun which uses 9mm ammo. However, this new gun will only be made. The developers of PUBG Mobile have officially released the most anticipated PUBG Mobile 1.2 update which comes with several new features, game modes, weapons, and more. This new update can be easily downloaded via Google Play Store.. The global version of PUBG Mobile 1.2 has a package size of nearly 615MB for Android users while 1.5GB for iOS users PUBG Mobile Latest News and Updates Popular PUBG Mobile Articles. Weapons Ranking: Techniques List: How to Earn BP Recommended Settings: Tips to Win: Changing Player Name : PUBG Mobile Techniques List. In order to win in PUBG Mobile, players need to use a variety of techniques that will help them to outplay their rivals and survive. These techniques will help you progress from being a beginner.

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PUBG Mobile is getting a hefty free update on both iOS and Android with Royale Pass Season five. Available now via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the free 0.10.5 update brings. Home / Tech / News / PUBG Mobile weapons have a place in history; check out where your favourites came from tech. PUBG Mobile weapons have a place in history; check out where your favourites came from PUBG Mobile might be your favourite game, but did you know that some of its weapons go back to chapters in history? Author. HT Correspondent. 28 Dec 2019, 12:19 PM IST in news With one of the. PUBG MOBILE is getting a massive update next week and from the leaked change log, there are a lot of new goodies that should keep PUBG players interested in the game for long. The ledge grab is a major new addition to the game that could change the way we play PUBG matches. However, the biggest addition to PUBG MOBILE with this update is easily the Payload mode, which has been rumoured for long PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. When duty calls, fire at will PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 - Patch Notes: New map Erangel, New Weapon M1014 and More 2020-09-07 | by : GameLoop The PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is scheduled to hit global servers on September 9, 2020, and the patch notes for the next update are officially released

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  1. PUBG Mobile: What the Best Weapons Are. In a genuinely surprising turn of events, you can now play PUBG, in full, on your mobile phone. And while it would be easy to get bogged down on exactly how.
  2. PUBG MOBILE 1.3 Update released - Check PUBG Mobile 1.3 APK link download: Krafton Inc. has after massive PUBG 1.2 success, has now given PUBG players another reason to be excited.The much-awaited PUBG Mobile 1.3 is now rolling out for players globally with new maps, weapons, vehicles and many other cool features
  3. The new PUBG Mobile update brings new weapons, tools, Halloween goodies, and the much awaited 'Payload' mode. Although PUBG Mobile 0.15 rolled out on October 15, Payload Mode came much later on October 22. PUBG Mobile players who have downloaded the latest update will get Payload Mode automatically. Payload Mode is available under 'EvoGround.

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PUBG Mobile's Livik map brings shorter 52-player matches and new weapons The v0.19. update also brings a Spark the Flame-themed game mode, The Ancient Secret mode, and a tonne of gameplay. PUBG Mobile India launch date, PUBG New State features, weapons - Latest updates you need to know - It is to be noted that the pre-registration for PUBG New State has already started and players have already started to pre-register for new game PUBG Mobile Lite has today received a new update, version #0.14.6 that weighs around 500MB. This title is available in select regions around the world, including India where the game debuted a couple of months ago to make it possible for budget players to enjoy the battle royale experience.. Halloween Survival Mod PUBG Mobile's New Map Update: Check PUBG New map Karakin released for beta testing, new vehicles, weapons and new training mode- All you need to know: PUBG Mobile's new map — Karakin is now up for beta testing. Karakin was originally supposed to be launched at the Day 2 of PMGC 2020, however, due to technical issues, the launch was delayed

PUBG Mobile v0.15.5 update brings new 4v4 Team Deathmatch map, Companions, new weapon and vehicle for Vikendi, and more Over the last year or so, the Battle Royale genre has exploded in popularity. Aside from this new mode, other new PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are also introduced, such as PP-19, DMB, QBZ, and QBU. Pubg War-RPG Mode. A completely fierce War Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite New Title System . With the title system in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1, players are able to change the current title into the unique ones. These titles can be accessed after players have finished the achievements in.

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PUBG Mobile nerfed and reduced the performance of Groza in TDM because it's too powerful. Even after the nerf reduced its damage players are still using Groza because it's too damn powerful. That doesn't make M249 a bad weapon. It uses 5.56 ammunition which is smaller when compared to the 7.62 ammo. You can save some space in your bag for some other utilities, or you could carry 40%. PUBG Mobile developers have recently released a new PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update on the global servers which introduces a number of new modes and features to the game. Some of the notable changes include the updated Miramar and Jungle Adventure mode, amongst others. However, one of the most thrilling additions is the new Canted Sight item which clearly has the fans excited. It has also been one. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor. This is Battle Royale

How To Get M416 Glacier Skin In PUBG Mobile? Give These 2Professional Military Machine Gun Wallpapers HD / DesktopGarena Free Fire: Where To Find The New Ancient RomeFree Fire: New Female Character Named &#39;Clu&#39; Is Free Fire&#39;sMen & Girls Photo Editor - DP Maker for PUBG8 New Horizon: Zero Dawn 1080p Direct Feed Screenshots
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